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DIY Hair Dryer

DIY Hair Dryer

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Insulated heating core imported from Germany

Mabuchi-Motor imported from Japan


Product features:

1. The double heating wire rises rapidly

2. Mica heat insulation of gun barrel is safe and reliable

3. ABS nylon engineering handle is comfortable to hold

4. Two gear wind speed regulation is suitable for many scenarios


Matters Needing Attention:

① When using the hot-air gun, try to use it in a dry place.

② When the hot-air gun is used or just after use, do not touch the nozzle to avoid scalding.

③ The handle of the hot air gun must be kept dry, clean and away from oil or gas.

④ After the hot-air gun is used, the air outlet is upward and can be stored only after the air gun is cooled.

⑤ Do not block or cover the air inlet and outlet of the hot-air gun.


Safety warning:

1. Don't use it as a hair dryer for blowing my hair.

2. Do not point the hot air gun directly at people or animals

3. Do not use near inflammables and flammable gases


Product parameters:

Working voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz

Power consumption: 2000W

Temperature range: 60-650 ℃

Temperature regulation mode: Key temperature regulation

Air volume: 100 / 300 L / min

Switch: second gear wind speed adjustable

Shell material: PP + 15% glass fiber

Rear cover shell material: ABS

Motor: Japan 365 Mabuchi-Motor

Heating cylinder: Luo iron plated material

Heating core: Gold mica plate + insulated heating core + jump switch + ceramic framework

Power cord: rubber power cord + European standard two plug 3C certification standard 1.8m (external 1.5m), including grounding

2-1.0m3 into the machine part, with an outer diameter of 6.8mm

Color 9 With LCD Display(As Follows)

Blue light High-definition LED Display


Shipping Information


Due to very high demand and order volume, orders can take up to 5 - 7 business days to be delivered. However, most orders are delivered within 3 – 5  business days.



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Wilford Schulist

no mi has llegado nada

Camden Roob

DIY Hair Dryer

Flavie Morar

DIY Hair Dryer

Newell Koelpin

Thank you

Mariela Streich

Excellent Construction hair dryer